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Introducing: www.theRunnerStickers.com | theRunnerStickers That Counts!

Now, for the first time all runners can showcase all their accomplishments with just one sticker/magnet.

theRunnerStickers has developed a sticker/magnet for all runners, marathoners and repeating marathoners. This unique one of a kind sticker/magnet shows to friends and public not only distance ran but also how many times an event was run. 

According to Runner’s World magazine, marathon running is continuing to grow in the United States and around the world with repeated events being scheduled every year. That means runners are going to be running in more than one event. Additionally, you now have theRunnerStickers.com to tell family, friends and neighbors your many accomplishments.

theRunnerStickers.com is available for all distance’s, half marathoners, full marathoners and repeating marathoners.

For further interest call (407 697 2595) ask for Doug, a 26.2 x 6 marathoner. Remember, theRunnerStickers is the only sticker that COUNTS!

**theRunnerStickers is not responsible for any damage due to using our products. Please move your magnets frequently in hot weather and direct sun light.**

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